[Translated from the German]

Four years ago I got into business difficulties, and was...

Four years ago I got into business difficulties, and was finally unable to meet my liabilities, so that I was facing bankruptcy. Conditions were such that I could not expect help from any side. At that time I heard of Christian Science through a dear friend, and while listening to his talk on the subject, I gained confidence in it. Then I went to see a Christian Science practitioner, and after a lengthy conversation it became absolutely clear to me that this was my only chance of being spared the pending disaster. I asked her to lend me her assistance in Christian Science, and she was very willing to do so.

The result of the first treatment was, that the declaration of insolvency was withdrawn and my creditors allowed me a stated time in which to make my payments. It was indeed wonderful to experience on several occasions the straightening out of business difficulties and to be able to pay dues at the last moment. I often needed encouragement from the practitioner when I was under severe strain,—when old bills, current obligations, and all those matters which are part of the running of a factory, would come up. Frequently I did not know where to get the necessary funds, and yet I could not afford to lose confidence, but endeavored to realize that everything we need is right here. This trust and confidence is realized only in Christian Science; no other religion could possibly afford such help.

From Our Exchanges
July 17, 1915

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