Lesson From a Tree

One December some friends from the old home in the North were visiting me, and were enjoying the delights of a winter spent mostly on an open porch. A chance remark of mine about our live-oaks and their peculiarities, elicited from my Christian Science friend a spiritual thought which has been of assistance many times in the solving of my own financial problems, so I pass it on, hoping some one else may get the needed help.

All winter, when the sycamore and umbrella trees are lifting long, leafless branches to the eternal blue, my live-oak stands "in verdure clad," furnishing shade to all, and this where shade is appreciated at every season of the year. Very early the new leaves begin to come on the bare branches of the other shade-trees, and long before Easter the city is decked in brilliant green. My oak, however, seems not to notice that its own coat begins to look shabby, and seemingly, too, is not concerned at the vital importance of the fresh new dress of the other trees. It puts forth no effort to coax new leaves by shaking off the old ones, nor does it change the dark green color of them.

"By their fruits"
July 17, 1915

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