Law a Power

Few people would be willing to deny the power of law, however understood, but there would doubtless be great diversity of opinion as to how this power could be proved. On the material plane the punishment of a criminal proves nothing more than a feeble attempt to assert the dignity of a law which has been broken by the wrong-doer. Some obey law because it is a necessary provision for human safety, even though they regard it as restrictive. This is, however, a long way behind the attitude of those who have come to realize that all just laws spring from the demands of divine Principle and that the recognition of law, rightly understood, is no less an integral part of human consciousness than is reason. All such can joyfully exclaim with the psalmist, "O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day."

The student of Christian Science gains new views of law as he studies its text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and Mrs. Eddy's other writings, especially the article "Spirit and Law" in "Miscellaneous Writings" (pp. 256–259), where she says: "The assertion that matter is a law, or a lawgiver, is anomalous. Wherever law is, Mind is." It soon becomes apparent that in spite of popular opinion disease has no law to support it, nor has sin, since both are the product not of intelligence but of ignorance. To prove this it is necessary to relate law to divine Mind, Spirit, God; then we have a concept of law as intelligent, powerful, and good. The understanding of law gained in Christian Science explains the so-called miracles of Jesus, and heals the sick today even as in the Master's time, but this law must be declared in order to annul the operation of the asserted law of disease or sin.

Healing of Dishonesty
November 13, 1915

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