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[Rev. Russell Henry Stafford in The Advance]

Despite the pettiness of many lives, there is nothing petty in life itself. It is a great thing and splendid, brilliant in opportunity, bewildering in its complexity. The most absorbing business and the finest art under the sun is just living—an art often grossly misused by people who have not cared to become skilful in it, but in which every human being can be a genius if he will. Life is an affair of strange variety and startling contrasts,—youth and age, joy and sorrow, peace and struggle, virtue and that abnormal, sinister thing we call sin; these and many more, all bound together in one personality, in every personality, for all the experience of the race enters into the life of each member of it. And so intricate are the combinations of these divers ingredients that the same proportion has never occurred twice; the component parts of humanity are as widely different as the sum total is uniform.

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November 13, 1915

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