I was instantaneously healed of the liquor habit the first...

I was instantaneously healed of the liquor habit the first time I ever attended a service in a Christian Science church. In February, 1912, a friend told me a little about Science and invited me to a Wednesday evening meeting. For fourteen years it had been my custom to have at least one and usually several drinks each day, with a few extra ones on Saturday night, therefore one of my first questions was how Christian Scientists stood on the temperance question. I was told that the use of intoxicating drinks was not in harmony with this teaching; and while this information was not particularly attractive to me, I was nevertheless keenly interested in many other things that my friend had told me. As I had no notion of what a Christian Science service was like, I went to the meeting on the following Wednesday evening with an open mind, desiring to learn all I could about this subject.

What particularly surprised me about the meeting was the large size of the congregation, for it was a very stormy night. I was also greatly impressed by the happy, contented faces which I saw on every side. The more I thought about the wholesome, prosperous appearance of these people, the more I felt they possessed something that I wanted. I could see that liquor had no place in their lives, therefore I concluded that if by any chance I was going to turn my steps in the direction they were traveling I would have to leave intoxicating beverages behind. Then I began to recognize the truth about this question. I saw that liquor was nothing I really wanted, and that I had found no real pleasure in gratifying the false appetite. The moment I came to that conclusion my point of view changed, and all desire to continue the habit left me, for I found myself suddenly healed. From that day to this I have never tasted any intoxicating liquor, or had any desire to do so.

On the following Sunday morning I went to this same church again to hear a Christian Science Sunday service for the first time, and received my second healing. While waiting for the service to begin I looked over a Quarterly that was in the pew, placed there for the use of visitors. I had a vague idea that it was something every student of Science needed, so I decided to take it home with me as a souvenir which would come in handy. For many years I had been in the habit of taking whatever I wanted, regardless of the owner. I believed that there was not enough honesty in the world to go round, and that I had to be dishonest in order to get along in my dealings with my fellow men. So after the responsive reading was over I quietly slipped the Quarterly into my pocket, saying to myself, Here is where I save fifteen cents!

November 13, 1915

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