To cite the practises of a mesmerist which the critic acknowledges...

Lemoore (Cal.) Republican

To cite the practises of a mesmerist which the critic acknowledges were "only an exhibition of the force of suggestion or the action of the law of faith, over a patient in the impressible condition," as in any degree comparable with the practise of Christian faith and understanding as taught in the Bible and reemphasized by Mrs. Eddy, is to misunderstand the nature and modus of Scriptural healing. This critic refers to the "force of suggestion" as underlying many systems of so-called cure, but he surely would not wish to be taken as implying that this was the basis of the spiritual healings wrought by Jesus and the apostles.

If, as the Bible clearly teaches, it was God who healed those who turned to Him in ancient times, why should it be thought incredible that He should continue to save His children from sickness as well as from sin? Or why should a clergyman feel "compelled in the interest of truth and common sense to deny the reality of cures in cases of serious organic disorders"? This critic admits that "sometimes benefit is derived" by "people who are under a delusion" or by "invalids who have been wrongly pronounced incurable." But Christian Scientists recognize that to God no case is "incurable." Deformity, blindness, leprosy, and even death were dispelled by the understanding of Life which Jesus brought to light. Then shall Christian Scientists be censured for attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus the Way-shower? or condemned, when in some instances their understanding is not so clear as that of their Master? Even the immediate disciples of Jesus failed in at least one instance to heal a severe malady; yet Jesus did not condemn their effort, but explained that they needed a greater degree of consecration and spiritual understanding to meet these more stubborn cases. Notwithstanding the marvelous goodness of the Master, and in spite of the healing works which he had wrought, he was tried in court and condemned as a criminal. Must it be said today that some who profess to "preach the gospel" condemn those who are striving sincerely (and to a large degree successfully) to carry out Jesus' command to "heal the sick"? This command in the New Testament is given equal weight with its correlated command to "preach the gospel."

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