I wish to express through the Sentinel my sense of indebtedness...

I wish to express through the Sentinel my sense of indebtedness to God, and my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for Christian Science, the teaching through which I was lovingly and patiently led to the truth. Christian Science lifted me from the depths of human despair (after I had received the medical decree of death), into a life of further usefulness and peace. The happiness I have enjoyed the past eight years is genuine, for it is based on the foundation of Truth and Love.

The disease from which I suffered was called hardening of the liver, and I was not given a ray of hope. After weeks of a miserable existence, sleepless nights and weary days, the truth as revealed in Christian Science brought a gleam of light, and I was most wonderfully helped in one treatment, though it took about six weeks to eradicate entirely the disease. While I am now a wonder to myself and to old-time friends, there are yet many things to be overcome and daily, hourly problems to meet; but I know that with patient, persistent following of the truth these will all be removed, even as Jesus declared: "Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up." I have daily proofs of the efficiency of divine Truth in the working out of all problems, be they great or small. These problems at times are small, to mortal sense, indeed they seem hardly worth handling; but when handled in the light of Truth, we discover what they might have been, had they been left to mortal sense.

Testimony of Healing
Jesus' words to the father of the little maid, "Be not...
January 11, 1913

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