I would like to relate a recent experience which proved...

I would like to relate a recent experience which proved to me the ever-present help of God, divine Truth. I had just returned from a Wednesday evening meeting, and on reaching my room was suddently attacked by a very severe internal pain. So bad did this seem, that I could only throw myself on my bed; but I remembered a testimony given that evening by one who told us how, when feeling very ill, she could only reach out her hands to God for help. I did this, and almost at once my maid came to me from another room to make some inquiry. On seeing my apparent distress, she came to me with words of comfort, assuring me that nothing but God, good, was with me and that I had nothing to fear. I then tried to realize that "Life and intelligence are purely spiritual" (Science and Health, p. 14). Immediately I lost all consciousness of the body,—as a cloud it seemed to disappear from sight,—and I knew that as the belief of pain had come to thought, so it had disappeared out of thought, and I was healed by the realization (even for one moment) off the truth of being. The next day a sense of weariness came to me, but I quickly realized that as the pain had only been a false belief or dream, there was no cause for any ill effects, and that as God's child I was and always had been in perfect health.

I am truly grateful for all that Christian Science has brought to me,—the knowledge that health is ours always to manifest and to enjoy the peace of God which passeth understanding and of which my life before had seemed so devoid, and above all else the joy, the great and lasting joy, of being able to declare this glorious truth to others who are weary and heavy laden with false beliefs, and so bring to them the health, peace, and happiness which is the birthright of all the sons and daughters of God. I am truly grateful to God, and also to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for making the way of Truth so clear to us.

Testimony of Healing
Love is the greatest thing we can give each other
January 11, 1913

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