From the perspective of mortal vision, the world appears a hopeless jumble. On all sides discord, strife, greed, sickness, and evil are apparently triumphant; and reasoning from effect to cause, the conclusion has been reached that since God is the source of all power, He must be the author of material disaster. Christian Science, however, with the Scriptures to sustain its statements, teaches that it is incongruous that God, Spirit, infinite wisdom, should bring into manifestation a creation other than the similitude of Himself—a universe governed by spiritual law and harmony. Ignorance alone creates discord. It is only ignorance of God, of Life, Truth, and Love, which has produced this seemingly world-wide confusion. The understanding of God brings to light the unity forever existing between man and his all-harmonious Principle, God, which has been veiled from mortal sight by a misapprehension of God and the universe.

Driven by the discords of material sense to find aid in the Science which lays bare the deceptions of personal sense and reveals the actuality of spiritual perfection, one finds himself willing to cast aside bigotry, prejudice, and human theories, and ready to turn to Truth to learn the meaning of life. Discarding centuries-old beliefs, one perceives the true meaning of the Scriptures. There comes the realization that divine Principle, God, being perfect and the only cause of all that actually is, His creation must be perfect; consequently the testimony of the senses is wholly unreliable, for aught which is based on a belief in materiality cannot manifest perfection. Basing our deductions on allness of God, and holding thought absolutely to the immutability of divine power, one finds that the pains of sense yield to the fact of spiritual government, and harmony is thereby established. In Science and Health (p. 384) we read: "Through this action of thought and its results upon the body, the student will prove to himself, by small beginnings, the grand verities of Christian Science." Instead of a blind acceptance of prevailing thought about God, the awakening consciousness perceives the wondrous power, love, forgiveness, and compassion of our heavenly Father, who, holding His children forever perfect, brings humanity step by step to the fold of spiritual consciousness.

January 11, 1913

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