Gratitude for health and happiness gained through Christian Science...

Gratitude for health and happiness gained through Christian Science impels me to send this testimony. I suffered for eight years from what the doctors diagnosed as diseased ankle bones. They could not, however, heal me or give me relief from the suffering, although they treated me for a long time. All agreed that rest and disuse of the limb was necessary to a cure, and at one time I did rest for six months; but as soon as I again stood on my feet, the trouble returned as bad as ever. I was treated in a hospital in England, and also in Canada, the last doctor in Canada saying that I must have the bones scraped and a piece of flesh from another part of my body grafted on to the cavity.

Shortly after this time I got a copy of Science and Health from the Carnegie library, and was so greatly helped by what I read about God and man that the pain ceased and the wound healed. Just about this time, however, a great unhappiness overtook us, and as I had not gained enough of the spirit of Christian Science, I let this fill me to overwhelming with hate and resentment, and soon my old trouble appeared again, nearly as bad as ever. But I had proved the power of divine Truth, and again I turned to Christian Science for help. Through the patient work of a practitioner my ankle bone has been completely healed and is normal in appearance. I can stand or walk for hours with no suffering whatever. Also the trouble that was so cruel has vanished—been blotted out of our lives. A distressing stomach disorder which accompanied all the years of my suffering has been overcome, and my healing through Christian Science was accomplished without my taking one day off for rest.

Testimony of Healing
It is with pleasure that I add my testimony to those of...
January 11, 1913

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