It was about two and a half years ago that I first became...

It was about two and a half years ago that I first became interested in Christian Science. Its teachings appealed to me, although I did not believe that the sick could be healed in this way. However, after hearing and reading many testimonials of healing, I began to wonder if it really was possible that the sick could be healed through Christian Science. My little girl had had from her birth what was pronounced an organic trouble, which the best physicians said nothing could heal. I went to a practitioner and asked her if she thought anything could be done for a young child by Christian Science, and she assured me that God could and would heal my little girl as well as He could any one else. I believed her, and have always been very grateful that I did. I asked her to take the case, and in one treatment the child was entirely healed and has been well ever since.

Soon after this I burned my hand very badly. I was about to apply an old remedy, when the thought came, Now is the time to prove the truth. I went to work with the very small knowledge which I had, and in an hour's time the burn was healed; in an hour and a half there was not even a mark, and no one could tell where the injury had been. My little girl was also instantly healed of malarial fever. I had worn glasses for nine years and was healed during one of the Sunday morning services. Besides this, I was healed of chronic headaches and a bowel trouble. Since then I have experienced a painless childbirth and everything was normal. I was able to be up and around the next day, and have been perfectly well and strong ever since. Another beautiful demonstration in connection with this was that of supply. I had been unable to nurse my other babies, but in this case the realization that God is the only source of supply has met every need, and there was an abundance for my baby.

January 11, 1913

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