I have been interested in Christian Science for more than...

I have been interested in Christian Science for more than six years, and during that time I have proved it to be a help in every kind of need. My first proof of its wonderful curative power was with an eruptive disease in my foot, which had troubled me for three years, always during the summer months, but that year it was much worse and did not respond to the medicine which I had taken before, so a stronger medicine was used, which set me to thinking of the probable effect of that medicine on my stomach, as it was taking the plating off the spoon which was used. Besides this, my foot was getting worse all the time and was swollen to twice its normal size.

I had talked to a Christian Science practitioner a few weeks before, but did not think that Science could help me. When, however, the doctor told me that if my foot did not get better, it might be necessary to have it cut off, I made up my mind to give Christian Science at least a trial. I took my first treatment on a Saturday afternoon, and on the following Wednesday evening I went to a Christian Science meeting, the first I ever attended. The service was very simple, yet I do not believe I ever before had such an uplift of thought and a confidence that I was going to get well of the trouble with my foot. I walked home (the first I had walked for over two weeks), and I did not feel any worse for my walk of twelve blocks. I went to work the next day, though doing only the lighter parts, but from that on the healing was rapid.

January 11, 1913

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