A decision holding that the Lake Shore & Southern, Chesapeake & Ohio, Hocking Valley, Toledo & Ohio Central, and the Kanawha & Michigan railroads have combined to violate the Sherman antitrust law, has been handed down by the United States circuit court. An order issued by the court makes imperative the sale of over one hundred thousand acres of the finest coal land in the Kanawha, Va., district, now owned jointly by the Chesapeake & Ohio and the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railroads and the Sunday Creek Coal Company, which, it was brought out, was owned by the railroads. The sale of the coal lands is ordered at once. The order further states that the joint ownership of the Kanawha & Michigan railroad by the Chesapeake & Ohio and the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railways must be terminated.

The first sheet of the United States section of the international map of the world has recently been issued by the geographical survey, and it includes Rhode Island and portions of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Nova Scotia, and is known as the Boston sheet. This new and accurate map of the world, recently undertaken by agreement between the leading nations, is being prepared on the scale of one to one million, which is about sixteen miles to the inch. The sheets for the completed millionth map of the world would, if combined, cover an area about one hundred and fifty by seventy-five feet, or a globe forty feet in diameter. At the present rate of progress, the United States portion of the international map should be completed within eight or ten years. The Boston sheet sells for forty cents.

January 11, 1913

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