It is with deep gratitude to God, the giver of all good,...

It is with deep gratitude to God, the giver of all good, that I bear witness to the healing and regenerating power of Christian Science. It has been proven by my own experience that Christian Science is indeed the truth which the Master promised should make us free. Through the loving ministry of Christian Science I have been lifted from misery, chronic invalidism, and hopelessness, into a life of health and courage. I have been released from the bondage and slavery of intemperance in its worst and most degraded form, and have been raised from the very brink of a drunkard's grave into a life of freedom and peace.

From infancy I was considered puny and sickly, and as I was raised largely on sick beliefs and soothing-syrups, it is needless to say that I grew up a slave to drugs and medicines. Chief among my many aliments was a life-long stomach and bowel trouble, which grew worse as the years went by. After drugging and doctoring for thirty years and more, turning from one school of medicine to another, and after having tried all manner of health resorts and so-called after cures, I became utterly discouraged and turned to drink, and it was but a few years until I was a confirmed and helpless drunkard, a wreck morally, physically, and mentally. Christian Science has not only given me health, hope, and freedom, but it has aided me in many other ways. It is a constant help in my business and in performing my daily tasks; it has helped me in my home; in fact our home is in itself a proof of our Father's loving care, for when I turned to Christian Science we had no home, and all was discord and desolation.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science found me in 1910 in a miserable condition
September 21, 1912

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