Each year, in the month of September, by common consent the activities of the board of lectureship of The Mother Church, in the exercise of its mission to mankind, are again set in motion, and the great good which the work of this board is accomplishing again becomes apparent to Christian Scientists. The mistake must not be made, however, of thinking that the addresses delivered by the lecturers are, in and of themselves, capable of building up and sustaining the branch churches, or that the members of these churches are thereby relieved from any further responsibility for the welfare of the community.

The mission of the lecturer is primarily to awaken thought to the vital importance of the message he has come to deliver, and incidentally to correct the prevalent misapprehensions of Christian Science,—to present to his hearers the fundamental truths of this wonderful teaching in such a manner as to make clear to those whose interest in this subject has, perhaps, gone no farther than a desire to be healed, that this Science is the same truth which was demonstrated by Christ Jesus during his earthly ministry, and which is today available for the redemption of mankind from both sin and disease. When this hope is aroused in the breasts of those who listen, the lecture has largely done all it can do, and it is then the province of the local Christian Scientists to take the next step, namely, to demonstrate the truth of what has been preached.

September 21, 1912

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