Christian Science found me in 1910 in a miserable condition

Christian Science found me in 1910 in a miserable condition. My first attack came in the form of a fainting-spell. A few days later I had another, and my grandmother, being alarmed at this, sent for a physician, who responded immediately. He said it was a nervous breakdown, and after being in bed for about a week, I got up. Then one night I had another fainting-spell, and we consulted another physician, who appeared to be frightened at my condition, and said it was "high time" that we sent for him. He pronounced it a case of St. Vitus' dance and nervous exhaustion combined with severe heart trouble which caused the fainting-spells. He also said I must never go to school any more, that too hard study had caused my sickness. This time I was in bed about five weeks, due to the fainting-spells, which occurred sometimes twice a day and always left me in a weak condition.

A few weeks later I was confined to my bed again for six weeks, and after using many different medicines, I got up again, but was no better. I then went to a very good doctor in Reading, who said about the same as the second physician; but after having treatment from these three doctors, I received only temporary relief. At this point. when life seemed only a burden to me, I went to a Christian Science practitioner for help. I took treatment for about two months, and was gradually improving. I went to see the practitioner once a week, and the last time I was there I was fully healed. There has been no return of any of the symptoms, and I am going to school again.

Testimony of Healing
Nearly five years ago I was engaged as organist by First...
September 21, 1912

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