[Translated from the German.]

It has long been my desire to express my gratitude for all...

It has long been my desire to express my gratitude for all that Christian Science has brought me. A few years ago, while I was staying in Wiesbaden, a dear friend caused me to become interested in Christian Science through its literature. I had gone through several years of severe illness and had spent many months in Davos, in order to be healed of lung trouble, but my nerves were still very weak. At the very beginning of my investigations God's omnipotence was confirmed to me through a demonstration of the power of divine Truth.

On getting up one morning, I felt very ill, and lay down again with the thought that this probably would mean another period of illness for me; but after being for some time in a state of discouragement, it occurred to me to put into practise the knowledge which had come to me in Christian Science, and to deny the thought of disease. I tried to realize that as man as God's image reflects God, I could only reflect harmony,—that is, no disease; and since there is but one Mind, and harmony alone could proceed from this Mind, I could not in reality be in any inharmonious or diseased state or condition; that it was not God's will His children should be sick. Busying myself with these thoughts, I began to feel better. I got up, dressed, and knelt to pray. Presently a feeling of oneness with God came over me, and I had not yet concluded my prayer when I felt a strong though entirely painless jerk in the left side, just as if something was being torn off. I was so surprised at this that I ceased praying and looked around in astonishment. I felt much better, but it was not until an hour later that I realized that the left lung, which was said to have adhered at the side, had been detached. I gave thanks to God for this proof of Truth's power.

Testimony of Healing
It is with great joy and thanksgiving that I offer this...
September 21, 1912

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