One of the distinctive features of the Christian Science movement, and one which has perhaps done a great deal to attract the attention of the world, is the spirit of wholesome optimism which the adherents of this religion radiate. With students who are but just beginning the study of this Science, those who may have just been released from the bondage of some form of sickness or sin, the sense of freedom sometimes amounts to an enthusiasm which is not always well advised, but as the student progresses and is daily called upon to apply and prove the divine Principle of Christian Science, this excess of enthusiasm becomes tempered with consecration to the effort in hand; and it is at this point that true optimism begins.

Joys and gratitude for release from intolerable conditions are wholesome and proper attitudes of thought, but the proving for oneself of the divine Principle of harmony in the handling and right solution of the perplexities of human existence which daily confront us, is the real foundation of that quiet confidence noted in Christian Scientists. This confidence in turn begets confidence, and this is why genuine Christian Scientists are genuine optimists—they are able to prove the reason for the faith that is within them.

August 24, 1912

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