Christian Science has healed, and does heal, every kind...

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Christian Science has healed, and does heal, every kind of disease there is, and without, of course, any "material applications" whatever. As to whether it heals "better than the surgeon's knife," it is to be remembered that surgery is not therapeutics, but rather its confession of failure. It is not scientific, in the true sense, for in the presence of true healing it has no place. It is, of course, possible to say this without seeking in any way to disparage the conscientious labors and unselfish motives of the members of the surgical profession. Christian Science healing is the best healing because it is true healing. It is true healing because it deals with actual causes; and, eradicating these fundamental causes instead of patching up their effects, its healing is permanent. It is true healing because it is Truth and Truth alone that heals.

As to the proof that Christian Science heals, permit me to say that such proof does not rest upon the bare assertion of any single individual, though to each individual his own experience is sufficiently convincing. It is also sufficiently convincing to make him, in most cases, desire to tell it to his fellow sufferers, and so to join that vast and ever-increasing company of people who have publicly declared themselves to have been healed. These hundreds of thousands have for the most part been without hope of healing before they sought it in Christian Science, and their evidence is the best possible; for they know. Every Wednesday evening in Christian Science churches in all parts of the world, they rise up by the thousand and give thanks. No, the proof of the healing is not a bare assertion. Moreover, it is rather strange that such proof should be required by any one at all acquainted with Christian Science teaching, in the face of the growth and progress of the movement; for the claim of Christian Science upon mankind is based upon the fact that it is a demonstrable religion. It affirms that the Founder of Christianity meant Christianity to be demonstrable as he demonstrated it, and if Christian Science were not demonstrable it would fail in its central and most conspicuous teaching. Under the circumstances its phenomenal success is its justification.

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