As the words "Hypnotism and Christian Science" appear...

Montrose (Scot.) Standard

As the words "Hypnotism and Christian Science" appear coupled together in a paragraph in a recent issue of Standard, I feel sure you will allow me to state that Christian Science is the very opposite of hypnotism, and to give some of the reasons for this statement.

At the present moment a great change is taking place in the thought of the world, one of the manifestations of which is the increasing popularity of systems of healing in which no visible material remedy is employed. Although these systems are many in number, and although their adherents attribute the cures obtained to very different agencies, their indisputable success certainly proves the mental origin of disease. It will come in time to be recognized that there can be but one scientific mental system of healing, that employed by our Saviour and enjoined by him on his followers. This system we maintain to be Christian Science. Christian Science teaches that all the sin and sorrow, want and disease, in the world is the direct result of incorrect thinking, conscious and unconscious. It shows that all evil is mesmeric, hypnotic, and of the nature of suggestion, a belief not founded on the truth, but on the supposed activity of that carnal mind which is characterized in the Bible as being enmity against God. We do not for one moment deny that many upright people, actuated by a sincere desire to benefit others, use hypnotism and suggestion, but we are convinced that before many years have passed the danger of these practises will have been abundantly proved, and that they will no longer be regarded as legitimate methods to employ.

August 17, 1912

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