The statement is sometimes made that Christian Science is too good to be true. Incredible as it may seem, even Christian Scientists, in unguarded moments, are assailed by this preposterous suggestion. That evil should attempt to legitimatize itself through a fraud as transparent as this, only emphasizes the words of Jesus that the devil is a liar and the father of lies. Even the materialist, who professes to believe that the universe and man have come into being through material causation, and that spiritual phenomena "so called" are the result of special organizations of matter, has no warrant for believing that anything can be too good to be true; to do so he would have to assume that matter has a tendency to organize itself in a manner to produce evil rather than good.

But what of those who profess to believe in the existence of an omnipotent, loving God and yet say that Christian Science is too good to be true? That, from their standpoint, anything might be too bad to be true or too true to be bad would be logical, but that anything could be too good to be true would be nothing short of the unthinkable; it would necessitate the supposition that if God were Love he could not be Truth, and vice versa. It is impossible for man to conceive of anything too good to be true; to do so he would have to conceive of something better than infinite Love, for surely infinite Love is true. In the proportion that man is like God does he realize good, and not only is Christian Science not too good to be true, but since no Christian Scientist has yet arrived at a full realization of man's likeness to God, his concept fails as yet to reveal the full measure of the goodness of God.

August 3, 1912

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