I want to tell of my wonderful healing of severe stomach...

I want to tell of my wonderful healing of severe stomach trouble and sleeplessness. In February, 1903, after I had been taking medicine constantly for ten years, growing worse instead of better, I said to my last doctor, a kind, conscientious man, "Do you think I will ever be well again?" He said, "No, you will have to take medicine all your life; we can relieve you but cannot cure you." He also said that there was not an organ in my body working normally. At that time I was living on liquid foods taken every two hours. After three or four weeks' time the doctor advised me to stop all medicine for two weeks and then start anew. At that time Christian Science was presented to me, and being thoroughly discouraged I said I would try it for just two weeks, although I had little faith in it; but "man's extremity is God's opportunity." At the end of two weeks there was such marked improvement that all my friends were talking about it, but did not know what was doing the work. They thought I had a wonderful doctor, and I thought so too, but did not tell them what I was doing, as I had been advised by my practitioner to say nothing about Christian Science for a time.

The day I started treatment I was invited out to dinner. For a minute fear crept in, but the words of the practitioner came to me, "Eat what is set before you, as the Bible tells us." I did so and felt no ill effects, and have eaten what I wanted from that time. When I went to pay my doctor's bill, he looked at me in surprise, and finally said, "Well, I don't know anything about Christian Science, but my advice is to keep on with it."

Testimony of Healing
For a long time I have felt that I should publicly express...
August 3, 1912

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