As the tyro in Christian Science imbibes the milk of the Word he finds its sweetness divine and frequently becomes as impetuous as the dust-stained traveler who emerges from a dreary desert to revel rapturously in the cool brooks of the forest. Enthusiastically the traveler would, perchance, make for the distant mountain-top in the heat of the day, vainly expecting to reach it quickly, and if the tyro yields to a similar longing to scale instantly the lofty heights of divine Science self-will and blind impetuosity may bring him serious and regrettable experiences before he learns in Christian Science to advance through a clearer understanding and the practise of the truth which he knows.

On the other hand, if he subdues his overzealous aspirations and wisely leans upon the promises of God, he will indeed receive his "meat in due season," being led gently amid green pastures. Moderating boisterous enthusiasm and subjugating the spirit of human propaganda, the ardent beginner will discover what it means to be a recipient of heaven's favors. Then he will yield his thought to a systematic effort to apply what truth he already understands, and thus replace former fragmentary and theoretical opinions with demonstrable facts. Thus he learns the truth of Mrs. Eddy's statement that "heaven's favors are formidable" (Christian Healing, p. 1) and that for each spiritual blessing there is a battle to be fought and a cross to be carried. The gifts of divine Love are not showered into the arms of one who is begging for more while idly sitting still, nor bestowed upon the busybody who is promiscuously scattering pearls before swine.

August 3, 1912

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