It is with a heart full of thanksgiving to God and gratitude...

It is with a heart full of thanksgiving to God and gratitude to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, that I give my testimony, in the hope that some one may be benefited by it. All my life I had attended a church, but at the time that I first became interested in Christian Science I did not attend any; in fact I had become so hardened that I did not even believe in God and I ridiculed religion. But my extremity was God's opportunity, for one Sunday I was suddenly taken very ill. Our family physician (a grand, good man) was called and he said it was a severe case of gall-stone colic. This was in July. I continued to have the attacks and they came nearer together, each one being more severe than the former. They left me weak and discouraged, after having done all the doctor could advise and trying everything that was recommended. The doctors then decided that I would have to be operated upon, as at the last attack the opiate given had no effect and then chloroform was used. The next day I was told that I would have to go to the hospital in three or four days.

Previous to this a very dear friend wanted me to try Christian Science, but I refused, as I had no faith in anything pertaining to God and did not want to have any, but at the time of the last attack the friend again talked to me and said I surely need not be afraid of Science, for its medicine is love and truth and God is the "great Physician." She said it would be better to try Christian Science than to go through an operation, not knowing whether I would live through it or not, so I asked my husband if he cared whether I tried Christian Science. He was as bitter toward it as I, but he said I should try anything if only it would help me.

Testimony of Healing
One afternoon during a recent epidemic of eye trouble in...
August 3, 1912

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