In the summer of 1911 my little girl of four years was...

In the summer of 1911 my little girl of four years was very badly scalded. A Christian Science practitioner was at once notified of the accident and began to treat the child. I attempted to bathe the injured arm, and the child seemed relieved; but then and there I realized the inability of the cool water to do any good, and turned to God with all my heart. To quiet the fear of us all, an older daughter was asked to read Science and Health aloud; and the practitioner was again notified that the suffering was intense. Being fully aware of the inability of material means to do any good, I went from the room, to be alone with God and try to unsee it all; to realize, above all else, that the child did not need an opiate to quiet the pain, and that Truth could be demonstrated. The child's crying became less, and I sent her out into the yard with her sister; but they soon returned, and the little one was laughing and holding out to me a flower which she had picked. The pain and the tears both had vanished, and the practitioner was then notified of the relief. The healing of the pain was accomplished in half an hour or less. An older daughter was badly burned at the same time, in trying to prevent the accident; but she was treated by another practitioner, was healed so that she ate her breakfast, and later went to Sunday school.

The burn was so deep in the case of the little one that fever set in during the afternoon, but she did not complain of her arm until some time in the night. The next morning the practitioner was asked to help her again, and in a day and a half the little girl was up playing as if nothing had happened, and in a week the arm was covered with new flesh. The neighbors did not know how severe the injury was, on account of the wonderful work which Christian Science had done in this case. I have remembered with a sense of deep humility this grand healing, and hope it will encourage some one in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has healed me of many physical ailments,...
December 28, 1912

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