One of the greatest wonders that has ever filled the human mind is the discovery, with its positive proof, that the celestial bodies move in definite, determinable paths. For us today this fact requires only the most rudimentary knowledge of astronomical laws to understand, but to the men who first worked it out it was a difficult problem. These orbits, as the paths are termed in astronomy, are relatively fixed. In them there is no interference, conflict, or collision. The planets which describe them move with a precision that compels the exclamation, "Order is heaven's first law"! Mrs. Eddy says: "Nature voices natural, spiritual law and divine Love, but human belief misinterprets nature," and to this she adds: "Suns and planets teach grand lessons" (Science and Health, p. 240).

It is easy to realize that neither satellites, stars, suns, planets, nor comets move with a power of their own, though they may seem so to do. As determined by human reckoning, they move in obedience to universal laws which have been discovered, proved, and repeatedly verified by astronomers, physicists, and other scientists until the last vestige of doubt has been destroyed. But when it is declared that the celestial bodies move in obedience to these laws, only a single step has been taken toward the much more important realization that the laws did not come into existence of themselves. There must be a more remote, a basic cause, for nothing happens; there is no such thing as chance. All phenomena are but effects, manifestations, proofs of causes understood or not. These causes may be grouped and regrouped systematically until the primal cause has been reached, just as minor laws of astronomy have been grouped by Newton in the fundamental, universal law of gravitation.

December 28, 1912

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