[Translated from the German.]

In October, 1908, my mother's left hand had to be amputated...

In October, 1908, my mother's left hand had to be amputated on account of a tubercular affection, and very soon after this we heard of Christian Science and turned to it. Acquaintances had already told us that an operation would not amount to much, that the trouble was bound to appear again in some other part of the body. At the time when it manifested itself on the hand there were three wounds discharging continuously. We tried everything that we could think of, but the diseased condition kept growing worse until the and had to be amputated above the wrist.

A year and a half later, however, another hardening formed, this time above the elbow, and my mother showed it to me one morning. For a moment I did not know what to say, although the thought immediately came to my mind that no harm can come to him who dwells under divine protection. I comforted her, and told her that I would at once ask for Christian Science treatment to be taken up, which was done. After some time the hardened places broke as they had formerly, but apart from daily cleansing no remedy whatever was used this time. They were open for about three months, after which they gradually healed up. Some people suggested that they should be kept open, but we held fast to the thought that error should have no manifestation, since God never made it.

December 28, 1912

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