Christian Science is a demonstrable religion

Wichita (Kan.) Beacon

Christian Science is a demonstrable religion. Its activities are upon a divine basis, they are purely spiritual, and can in no way be confounded with the practise of medicine. The teachings of Jesus repudiate the use of any material remedy. In healing, God, divine Mind, is recognized as the only power, and Christian Scientists adhere strictly to the first commandment, thereby honoring God above all else. Christian Science also repudiates any false mental action such as mesmerism or hypnotism. Christian Scientists employ the same method that Jesus did in healing the sick, and their work is done in confirmation of his injunction to them that believe: "The works that I do, shall he do also."

Christian Scientists never have asked, nor are they now asking, that any law be enacted to uphold their practise. Believing that a tree is known by its fruit, they are willing to be judged by their work. They only desire that their right to do the will of God be not infringed upon. Medical freedom does not mean the right or freedom to practise medicine, but that the individual in case of sickness be free to have the practitioner of his choice. Christian Scientists believe it to be fundamentally right that those in need of help may go to those who they believe will render them the most effective help, whether it be to the allopath, the Christian Scientist, or a practitioner of any other system of healing.

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