In an editorial in The Christian Science Monitor of May 13, 1911, admiration was expressed for the firmness with which the compulsory education law has been enforced in Chicago with its beneficial effect upon the children. This statement is made therein: "It has taught the boy, right at the beginning of his schooling, to recognize and to respect authority." Is there not great reason for us, as Christian Scientists, to ponder this statement in dealing with our children? Are we wisely teaching our children to recognize and respect authority, or are we prone to humor them in evading it? Most parents will say that they are striving to teach their children obedience to the laws governing their schooling, and that they are insistent upon the children's persistence in the line of education which has been chosen for them. Certainly parents who are Christian Scientists should be no less insistent that their children shall abide by the same rule of perseverance in their Christian Science training.

A beautifully adequate place has been provided by the wisdom of our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, wherein children and young people up to the age of twenty years shall be taught the practical truths found in the Bible as interpreted in Christian Science; namely, the Sunday school. There are some among us, however, who are tempted to listen to various arguments, disguised as good excuses, to keep the children away from this school of schools, where they would be taught the things which would bring a benediction to their future lives as citizens of a great nation, and to these a kindly awakening word is addressed. Let us realize that the same kind of error, if entertained, would keep us away from church, prevent us from studying the Christian Science literature, and interfere with every effort we would make in the path of righteous endeavor. It is simply a false belief in a mind apart from God; and Science shows that such a belief is baseless, for "there can be but one Mind, because there is but one God" (Science and Health, p. 469).

August 19, 1911

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