In gratitude to God, and to our dear Leader, and with...

In gratitude to God, and to our dear Leader, and with the sincere hope that it may help some one else, I send this testimony of healing. A little over three years ago, I was practically a wreck, mentally and morally, and at times physically unable to do a day's work in any capacity. I had been addicted to the use of intoxicants for over twenty years, gradually falling until I was unable to control myself, athough I strove for years to assert my manhood and live up to the teachings of my early life. The life I had led brought on almost all the ills that flesh is heir to,—stomach and heart trouble, liver complaint, rheumatism, and neuralgia being some of them. I was also subject to attacks of violent temper and fear, that would leave me on the verge of mental and physical prostration.

When I had reached the limit, as it were, and was unable to hold a position of any kind, had been a wanderer for years, had suffered untold mental agonies, I was led into Christian Science. A dear sister who had tried to keep in touch with me through all my wanderings, even going to the extent of advertising on several occasions, had taken up the study of Christian Science, and whenever she could locate me would send me a periodical or two and tell me of the good it was doing. I was finally led by divine Love from southern Mexico to this city, and shortly after coming here I met with an accident, in which myself and six other men were injured by the collapse of a scaffold. We fell thirty feet, falling among machinery and débris of all kinds. A letter from my sister induced me to visit a Christian Science practitioner, and although I was in a state of extreme nervousness and manifesting the effect of excessive use of stimulants, I was practically a new man when I left the house of the practitioner an hour or so later. I had found healing for my body and a spiritual uplifting and faith in God hitherto undreamed of. All desire for liquor had gone forever, and the realization of my freedom brought an exaltation beyond the comprehension of any but one who has been raised as from a living death. I went to work after a day or two of rest, without any bad effects from the fall, although to mortal sense I should have been laid up for some time, as were the other men, some of whom never seemingly recovered.

In three weeks' time I was cured of the cigarette habit, which for nearly twenty-five years I had indulged, also of the chewing of tobacco. I was led to overcome my temper and demonstrate love in place of hate, and was then brought into a more congenial occupation. I also overcame the apparent loss of memory, and the fear that had so troubled me. All the diseases have practically disappeared, and if a shadow ever appears on the horizon, I know where the remedy is. Physically I am better today than I was fifteen years ago, and have proved it to my own satisfaction. I have also been greatly aided by Christian Science in severe work on my teeth; and my hearing and eyesight have both improved and are practically normal. There are many other things which this truth has done for me; in fact, every day of my life I need it, and to say that I can ever be thankful enough or tell all the good it has brought into my life would seem impossible; but I can and do strive each day to rise a little higher and nearer to Truth, and I bless the memory of our dear Leader for her unselfish life in our behalf.—Edward Foster, Los Angeles, Cal.

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August 19, 1911

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