Mary Baker Eddy has passed on

Pacific MonthlyA correction was made in the September 2, 1911 Sentinel: "The article on page 1007 of the Sentinel  of Aug. 19 which was credited to the Pacific Baptist, should have been credited to the Pacific Monthly."

Mary Baker Eddy has passed on. Her work completed, she laid aside the mortal, material mask. Her students do not mourn, nor do they show signs of grief, for she lives in their hearts, and the seed she planted continues to grow and bear bountiful harvests. "By their fruits ye shall know them," and the fruits of Christian Science are good. Thinkers throughout the world are turning their attention to "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the text-book written by Mrs. Eddy. Common sense is the basis of the book, and the Bible is made clear by the spiritual interpretation. Demonstrations over (i.e., the curing of) disease and sin, attest the truth of the fundamentals laid down by Mrs. Eddy. These demonstrations are made daily and hourly throughout the world, and bring peace, happiness, and contentment to throngs, according to reliable authority.

Christian Science churches are crowded to their capacity, and new edifices are constantly arising, mute testimonies to the steady and solid growth of Christian Science. The services are simple; theatrical ceremonies which appeal only to the superstitious and excite the imagination, are lacking. The intelligence of the congregation is appealed to and the true spiritual meaning of the Bible is brought home to all. The class of people who attend Christian Science churches proves the strength of this faith, for the communicants are all intellectual and prosperous. They are people capable of thinking for themselves; of digesting the facts laid before them and of arriving at an intelligent conclusion regarding metaphysical Science without the aid of minister or priest. In other words, they are self-reliant thinkers. This accounts for and explains the steady growth of Christian Science since the discovery of the new-old truth by Mrs. Eddy in 1866.

In the history of the world Mrs. Eddy stands alone. There is no standard by which her worth can be measured; there is no character similar by which a fair comparison can be had. Famous women of history have been noted for their achievements in the world of arms, of diplomacy, or for their notorious lives. Semiramis, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, various French and English queens, as well as those of other nations, won fame and their names will live, not so much for the good they accomplished as for the evil they wrought. In place of building up they tore down. They blazed their way across the pages of history, leaving a trail of blood and wrecked lives, no matter what actuated them. There was nothing lasting in their accomplishments. It required the nineteenth century, with all its marvelous advance of thought, its Babylonic lack of morals and fierce struggle for existence, to produce a woman who could rediscover the Science of being, of mental healing as preached and practised by the man Jesus two thousand years ago. Mrs. Eddy is the antithesis of other famous women; good was the key-note of her life.

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August 19, 1911

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