Our critic is mistaken in his supposition that Christian Science...

Marshall (Tex.) Messenger

Our critic is mistaken in his supposition that Christian Science practice is autosuggestion. Hypnotism invloves the arbitrary control of one human mind by another, and holds that such influence can be exerted by oral or mental suggestion. Evil intent may dominate the motive of the operator. In Christian Science practice it is understood that there is one Mind only, and that the infinite one, governing all,—"Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord." The purpose of Christian Science is to bless mankind, and this it is doing continually. It can never injure any one, because its practice is the activity of divine Love which blesses all.

Christian Scientists who have spent many years in careful study and in daily practice of its teachings ought to be able to understand what Christian Science is. They know that autosuggestion and Christian Science practice are the very opposites in precept and in practice. Christian Science is the discovery and practice of pure Christianity, inaugurated by Christ Jesus and practised by him and his disciples. It teaches what was declared by Solomon, that as a man "thinketh in his heart, so is he." Impure thoughts ultimate in a sick body. Right thinking is manifested as health. It inculcates purity in the home life, in a man's relation with his fellows, and especially in his own manner of thinking. This mental purification purges out the old leaven and lifts one's standard higher than the merely material and animal sense of existence, into purer realms of thought; and the fruits of this mental activity are seen as peace, prosperity, health, and happiness. Christian Scientists have an unshaken faith in God as able and willing to answer prayer, and they prove their faith by their works.

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