An overwhelming sense of gratitude prompts me to tell...

An overwhelming sense of gratitude prompts me to tell others of the glorious freedom which Christian Science bestows on all who seek its priceless gifts. Perhaps what I am able to say may bring hope to some poor suffering brother and help him to find the Christ-truth which sets us free, and with that the peace which goes far beyond ordinary mortal comprehension. Two years ago or thereabouts I first heard of Christian Science and in rather a curious way. A friend rang me up on the telephone one day and asked if I would care to give a seat in my office to a friend of his (I am an engineer and at that time my office was larger than I required). My friend said he would vouch for the integrity and so forth of the man he wished to introduce to me; the only thing he had against him was the fact that he was a Christian Scientist—would I mind that? Not knowing anything whatever of Christian Science, I fortunately was quite unprejudiced, and soon my new friend was comfortably installed.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred for quite a long time, till one day, without knowing exactly why, I ventured to ask a little about Christian Science, and was astonished to hear of a church. I gradually became interested in what I heard, and finally went to a Wednesday evening meeting. My feelings of wonderment can only be understood by those who have passed through the same experience! It was either the work of the devil, as my friend of the telephone message called it, or else it must be absolute truth. So I borrowed "the book," and became still more interested. At this time I was in a very sinful and sorrowful state of mind, filled with fears and erroneous beliefs. How hope did rise in my heart, for I was in dire need of help! If only I could find some man to unburden myself to. And such a one I did find, or rather divine Love sent him to pay a passing call on the friend who shared my office. To that man's keen, clear understanding of Truth I owe more than I can ever tell; but he knows my gratitude, and with his patient help I am slowly learning to "trust Truth, and have no other trusts" (Sentinel, July 4, 1903).

Testimony of Healing
About three years ago I was suffering greatly from boils,...
April 1, 1911

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