Early in the year 1903, my husband went with an acquaintance...

Early in the year 1903, my husband went with an acquaintance to hear (as the man said) "some new doctrine called Christian Science." My husband was impressed with what he heard at First Church, London, and told me he would like to go again. He did go again and again, for the more he heard of it the more he wanted to hear. I was sorry for this, as we were members of the Church of England, and I feared he was being attracted by one of the many new sects which come and go; but my faith in God comforted me, and I knew He would not let him go wrong.

At this time I was in a bad state of health and was going to a doctor for a stomach disorder with accompanying troubles, also visiting an oculist, as I had cataracts growing over both my eyes. The next time I was going to the doctor my husband asked me if he might give me a Sentinel to read, as I had a long wait and I always liked to have some reading with me, though I could only read large print, and in a very good light. Sometimes I could not manage to see even then, but I always held a paper as though reading, as it prevented people talking to me. I did not at all like to take the Sentinel, but I did not like to refuse either. The next time I went I had no objection to taking it, and next time I found myself quite interested in reading it.

Testimony of Healing
I desire to tell to the world what Christian Science...
April 1, 1911

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