It is indeed true, as our text-book says, that "the time for thinkers has come" (Science and Health, Pref., p. vii). There are many who imagined that they were thinking deeply along different lines before Christian Science was brought to their attention, whereas they were dealing wholly with the world of phenomena and had not, perchance, in one single instance penetrated to the realm of the noumenal or real. The authority for this statement lies in the fact that the practical demonstration of the power of Truth to correct and obliterate the effects of wrong thinking was nowhere recorded in the pages of human history from about the third century, A. D., to the advent of Christian Science, A. D. 1866.

The proposition that "God is All," or, to use the language of Christian Science, "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation" (Science and Health, p. 468), requires in one sense a higher order of thinking for its solution than does the most difficult problem of mathematics or the most abstruse statement of philosophy. This by no means signifies that the most humble thinker, the individual of limited literary or educational training, may not be able to grasp and to apply the facts of divine Science; on the contrary, experience often proves that the highly educated or intellectual mentality is the one to murmur or stumble over spiritual or metaphysical propositions, while, as of old, "the common people" hear and adopt the truth gladly.

The leaven of the Christ-teaching, operative today in the demonstration of Christian Science, is causing all classes of people to inquire more persistently into causation. They are slowly but surely yielding their unprofitable belief in intelligent matter and looking more deeply into divine Mind for a sane and logical solution of human problems. When the testimony of the senses is reversed, when so-called natural law is annulled, when matter is absolutely discarded and results obtained which for centuries past have been thought possible only through material agencies, it is but natural that the quickened sense of the twentieth-century thinker should query, What has happened? The demonstration of Christian healing inaugurated by Christian Science has already set the Christian world "a-thinking," and the signs of the times certainly indicate that the human mind is rapidly approaching the limits of its self-assumed ability to do what Jesus himself declared could not be done by human will, but by divine power alone.

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November 11, 1911

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