If it be true, as stated in the printed summary of a recent...

Meadville (Pa.) Messenger

If it be true, as stated in the printed summary of a recent speech, that seventy thousand persons believe in Christian Science, the opinion of one man to the contrary is not necessarily conclusive. There are, as a matter of fact, many times that number of persons who not only believe in Christian Science, but who know that it is true, because they have not taken the word of somebody else either for or against it, but have tried and proved for themselves its efficiency in the overcoming of sin and disease.

I note that at one point in the speech Mrs. Eddy is referred to as the "sole inventor" of Christian Science, while later on it is averred that "the whole system was cribbed" from some one else. One of these assertions must be untrue, and the fact is that both are. Mrs. Eddy does not claim to have invented anything, but to have rediscovered to this age the Principle by which disease and sin were healed by the Founder of Christianity, who said: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." Whether or not she has done so is not to be proved or disproved on the platform, but in the hearts and lives of those who stand in need of the healing and saving "works" of Christians imbued with the Mind that was in Christ Jesus.

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