With a heart overflowing with gratitude, I join the...

With a heart overflowing with gratitude, I join the glad throng who with rejoicing testify that they have been healed through Christian Science treatment. It has proven not only a "test" but a finality. My practitioner showed great patience and love in dispelling my doubts and quelling my spirit of impatience and rebellion against God's way. I was made to "acquaint" myself with God and be at peace, and I found a God hitherto unknown. The balance of the text, "thereby good shall come unto thee," has become a verified promise. I desire to love God and His image and likeness so truly that I may be able to cast the bad away, seeing clearly that Love casteth out indifference, criticism, hate, etc. Within a few months five in my family have come to love Christian Science, and the others recognize the effects of the Truth-cure, shown in the health and harmony in our midst. My own experience in physical healing was unusual, and perhaps its relation will help some reader who is suffering from a similar condition. For a long time I had struggled against terrible spells of sleepiness, which so increased that we all became alarmed and I consulted a physician. His diagnosis pointed to overdoses of a drug given in a previous illness. Through his giving to my case the unusual attention he thought it demanded, and faithful obedience on my part to his prescriptions, I seemed after a few weeks to be greatly benefited. I was then suddenly stricken with rheumatic trouble and confined to my bed, suffering acute pain, often having to take medicine every half hour. Then the thought came to me that if my diseased condition resulted from medicine—in the first instance, the medicine I had taken to counteract the poison had caused another disease—therefore I would not use any more drugs.

At this time my attention was drawn to Christian Science. I determined to investigate it, and so informed my doctor, whose efforts to convince me that Christian Science could not effect permanent cures failed to overcome my desire to see for myself. Deep sleep had fallen on me spiritually as well as physically, and as I had failed to receive help from church teaching, I turned eagerly for something to meet my great need. Then I found that "divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need" (Science and Health, p. 494). One form of suffering after another was destroyed, and finally my stubborn sense of pain in the nerves disappeared. My healing has proved permanent and perfect. Weeks passed without a relapse, in spite of many tests, both of trouble and the changeable weather experienced during the month of May. Some one remarked that he did not believe I ever had rheumatism, if I did not feel it in such constantly rainy weather as we experienced for three weeks. Some time after my restoration to health, the sleepy feeling returned; but on receiving treatment in Christian Science it disappeared entirely.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science...
March 26, 1910

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