On Aug. 21, 1908, I was helping to put a carload of...

On Aug. 21, 1908, I was helping to put a carload of lumber in a dry kiln, when the car unexpectedly started and my right arm was jammed against a brick wall. With my left hand I tried to release the other, but could not do so, and the pain became so great that I realized I must have help at once. I first thought of help from the mill, but knew that it would take several men to push the car back and that this meant considerable delay. My next thought was of divine aid, and then the arm was released quickly without any material effort. All this happened in about one and a half minutes. I tried to get away by myself, to realize the truth, but could not do so.

A man who was working with me reported the accident at the mill, and the men suggested all kinds of material remedies, but I refused them all. I put in the rest of the afternoon working with one hand, declaring the truth constantly. By night my hand and wrist were very much swollen, but I kept on declaring the truth and trying to complete the demonstration myself. I, however, did not seem able to do so, and as my hand was almost closed tight and I had no use of my fingers. I went to see a Christian Science practitioner in Camden, about ten miles from my home. I had treatment, and arrived home about six o'clock. Later in the evening my fingers were straightened out and I had considerable use of my hand. That same evening I met a medical doctor, a friend from another city, and stated the case to him. He examined my wrist and said it was all right, and that he considered it a wonderful demonstration. I had another treatment on Sunday, and returned to my work on Monday. By Tuesday evening all trace of the injury had disappeared, and I had no further trouble whatever.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science was first suggested to me, it...
March 26, 1910

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