If the writer in a late issue really believes that Christian Science...


If the writer in a late issue really believes that Christian Science teaches the divinity of a human personality, Christian Science must indeed appear to him "the greatest humbug." The fact is, however, that Christian Science neither teaches nor tolerates any such absurd notion. Christian Scientists love Mrs. Eddy because, through the study of her writings and the application of the Principle therein set forth, they have been relieved of sick and sinful conditions that had not been effaced by other means. Under the influence of their great gratitude the beneficiaries of Christian Science may at times employ language that to the outsider seems immoderate; but while this has been cited as "evidence" of personal worship, Christian Scientists themselves understand that it is not anything of the sort. There is nothing whatever in the relations between other individual Christian Scientists and Mrs. Eddy that is incompatible with the fundamental teaching of Christian Science that God alone is entitled to the worship and adoration of man. The persistence with which the contrary belief is propagated in certain quarters in no sense alters the fact.

Mrs. Eddy's book does not, in either large or small measure, take the place of the Bible. The very first tenet of the Christian Science church, to which every member subscribes, is this: "As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life" (Science and Health, p. 497). This text-book is the Christian Scientist's "Key to the Scriptures," and it is used as other commentaries on the Bible are used in other denominations. Two facts in this connection are beyond dispute—that the average Christian Scientist reads his Bible more than he ever did before; and that the Sunday services in Christian Science churches include a greater amount of reading direct from the Bible than is to be found in any church of any other denomination.

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