The time has long since passed that one may assume the...

Evening Recorder,

The time has long since passed that one may assume the role of misapprehension when attacking the teaching of Christian Science, for the opportunities to learn the truth concerning this religion are everywhere at hand. Every Christian Science church has its free public reading-room, where everything pertaining to this doctrine is for the use of inquirers. Also nearly every public library in the land is supplied with Mrs. Eddy's writings on this subject.

For the benefit of those who may have been deceived by mistaken statements that have been made, let me say plainly that Christian Science does not teach, by any possible construction of its words, that sin does not exist as an expression of the carnal mind; on the contrary, that it does so exist, and has to be destroyed through the power of God. It does teach, however, that it is not real or permanent, in the sense that God did not create it. Since God is good and created "all that was made," these wrong conditions are not chargeable to Him and may be destroyed by His law.

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