To say that I am very, very thankful for Christian Science,...

To say that I am very, very thankful for Christian Science, for the good which has come to me from the study and understanding of it, does not seem to express my thought. For fifteen years I was a slave to the tobacco habit, although in that time I made many an earnest effort to stop it. Sometimes I would quit its use for days: and several times I stopped for months, but then went back to it again, and although I did not use tobacco I still had the desire, and did not dare go around where any one was using it. With one treatment in Christian Science the desire was completely destroyed, and from that day to this, over three years, I have not used the weed in any form, nor even had the slightest desire to do so. This may not mean much to those who have never used tobacco, but I know it will to those who have struggled with the habit. It seemed a great deal to me then, but now that I see the spiritual uplifting, which is so great, the other seems nothing. The understanding of the spiritual reveals a life worth living, with which comes a sense of peace, contentment, happiness, and good will toward men.

Another proof that Christian Science heals, was revealed to me about a year and a half ago. After working at a different kind of work one day, when everything seemed to go wrong, I felt tired and all out of sorts. I went to bed, but could not go to sleep for a long time, and when I did was restless. When I awoke I had a fever, headache, and other symptoms of illness. I tried to help myself, but it seemed as if I could not think of anything but the pain. After sending for a Christian Science practitioner, who treated me, I went to sleep, a very peaceful sleep, and awoke all right, feeling no ill effects at all. Many other demonstrations have been made, which proved to me that Christian Science does heal, as well as give us good for evil, joy for sorrow, and freedom from bondage. My one desire is to know more of the truth.

Testimony of Healing
I had always suffered from an affection of the throat,...
March 26, 1910

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