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I would like to relate an experience which, through the...

I would like to relate an experience which, through the understanding of Christian Science, afforded me proof of the truth of God's omnipotence and omnipresence. Three years ago I became acquainted with this teaching, but circumstances were such that I had no opportunity to attend the services. A kind acquaintance had, however, given me several copies of Der Herold, so that I remained in touch with Christian Science.

Lately I went on a visit of several weeks to a sister, and her little son playfully showed me a wrong door, so that I fell down the cellar stairs and lay for some time senseless at the bottom, apparently severely injured. Two persons carried me up, but my first thought was of divine help. They wanted to call a doctor, but I denied all pain, knowing that mortal mind has no power. Toward evening fever and chills set in, and at ten o'clock they again wanted to send for the doctor; but I refused, in the consciousness that God is almighty, that matter has neither intelligence nor substance. Toward three o'clock I had a short sleep, and when I awoke the fever had disappeared. I got up in the forenoon, in God's strength, knowing that error could not harm me. On the fifth day I was able to take a short walk out of doors, using my umbrella as a support. From day to day the trouble disappeared, and I recognized the power of Truth thus abundantly proved to me.

Testimony of Healing
On Aug. 21, 1908, I was helping to put a carload of...
March 26, 1910

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