It is asked in a late issue, "How can physicians who...

San Francisco (Cal.) Town Talk

It is asked in a late issue, "How can physicians who apply medicine and surgery to the healing of ills be reputable physicians in the eyes of Christian Scientists?" I would say that such a question presupposes an antagonism on the part of Christian Scientists which does not exist. There is hardly a Christian Scientist who does not number among his intimate friends either physicians or those who are in sympathy with their methods of treatment. Such friends are respected, and the fact that they believe in the use of material remedies does not prevent a recognition of their sterling qualities. The physician who believes in material laws is consistent when he employs material prescriptions, and if he gives his patients that treatment for which they have asked and in which he conscientiously believes, he is not a "quack" but has honestly earned his fees. Speaking of such physicians Mrs. Eddy writes: "It is just to say that generally the cultured class of medical practitioners are grand men and women" (Science and Health, p. 164).

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