The death in her ninetieth year of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy,...


The death in her ninetieth year of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, Founder and Leader of the Christian Science church and system of faith, is an event that will profoundly stir practically every city and community throughout the United States, so universal was the spread of her doctrines and the congregations of her followers. Already from her adherents have come expressions of regret and outpourings of love—all of these tinctured with a beautiful faith of the orthodox Christian kind which allows the believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ to say over the bier of a beloved one: "She is not dead, but sleeping."

As to the doctrines of Christian Science which Mrs. Eddy promulgated with such success, there is still a wide diversity of opinion, but we think all will agree that there is much that is inspiring and helpful, even to the most orthodox, in Mrs. Eddy's teachings; and the unprejudiced, those not of her faith, but of open mind, must in justice admit that her work, through long years, was always for the betterment and the uplift of mankind.

December 24, 1910

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