I regret that your correspondent "Truth Seeker" should...

General Practitioner

I regret that your correspondent "Truth Seeker" should find the teachings of Christian Science so difficult. The fisher-folk, uneducated men, accepted the teachings of Jesus the Christ, and were able to make them practical. Christian Science is merely proving to mankind that it is our privilege and duty today to obey implicitly those same teachings, which must be applied "with signs following." "Truth Seeker" evidently accepts the teaching of "the church" as to the omnipotence of God, and if omnipotence means anything at all, it means all-power; and if God is all-powerful, there is no room for the possibility of any other power, such as the power of evil. This may seem to be a "hard saying," but it is true, and it is exactly what Mrs. Eddy has stated for us in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

Because it is true, the students of Christian Science are enabled to prove it through the healing of sin and sickness. Now this healing is nothing more nor less than the knowledge, through spiritual perception, of the truth about evil, viz., that it is not true, or, as Mrs. Eddy has said on page 192 of Science and Health, "evil is not power." I quite agree with what your correspondent says about "science or scientific work," and Christian Science is the Science or knowledge of the Christ, Truth, which leads us out of the belief that we must submit to sin, discord, sickness, or fear; for, as the Master clearly proved, they are not according to the law of God, and there is no law greater than the law of omnipotent God or good. This Science or understanding is gained through repentance, or a change of mind.

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