We have to learn to delight in His goodness, because it...

We have to learn to delight in His goodness, because it is diffusive and universal; and thus may we come to find a new place, a rest, and a home, and an all-sufficiency in the bosom of infinite beneficence. I believe that place will be found. I believe that a new, a higher piety will come. ... Those who do not believe in human progress may think otherwise, but for me it is certain that this social and moral system of our religion and very civilization is not to run down into an unbelieving, brutish, and godless world. A piety will come which will not be local, occasional, exceptional, but will be the pervading spirit of life,—when men shall not say to one another, "Know the Lord," for all shall know Him, from the greatest to the least. Once let men come to look upon the creation around them as it is; once let them see not things alone, but the divine light and life that stream through them, and then shall every day open revelations, then shall the bird upon the wing and the flower in the field speak to them of God, then shall the ocean roll anthems and the streams murmur hymns, and the heavens shall be telling the glory of God, and the whole earth shall be filled with His praise.

Penned about the year 1866, by Rev. Orville Dewey.

June 12, 1909

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