If Christian Science did nothing more than to heal...

Frankfort (Ind.) Times

If Christian Science did nothing more than to heal nervous and irritable women and make them sweet and lovable, it certainly would have proven itself an important factor in the solution of life's problems. The very fact, however, that in addition to this it has already in its forty years of history healed practically every known disease and antidoted all forms of sin, effectually refutes the critic's unjust and unkind insinuation as to Mrs. Eddy's mental caliber. It is further more generally conceded that the Christian Science following is made up largely of recruits from the best and most intellectual and cultured people in the various communities where its teachings are being promulgated throughout the whole world.

Christian Science heals the sick and reforms the sinner today as Jesus healed and reformed them almost two thousand years ago, not through mesmerism or mental suggestion, but through the wholesome, uplifting, and spiritualizing influence upon human minds and bodies of divine Truth and Love, emanating alone from the Mind that is God, or from that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus," and it heals organic as well as functional diseases. Christian Science preaches the gospel and heals the sick, antidoting both sin and disease by the same process. It heals by its preaching and preaches by its healing.

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