In asking for Christian Science treatment I did not...

In asking for Christian Science treatment I did not realize the great change it would make in my life, as I was looking only for the physical healing, and told the practitioner in a letter I wrote to her—meaning at least to be honest—that I would not promise to do any reading, but wanted the treatment for severe headaches and other ailments with which I had suffered for years. I am often grateful now that she took my case, as I know how much more the spiritual uplifting means than the physical healing, although I have had both bountifully and am daily growing into a more perfect understanding of true health and strength.

The friend who prevailed upon me to have Christian Science treatment, loaned me a copy of the text-book, Science and Health, and with a wish to give Christian Science a fair trial, I began to read, knowing it was supposed to help in the healing process. I kept it up about three days, but did not seem to understand much of what I was reading. Then I decided to start at the beginning again, saying that others had found good in the book, and I could find it too. I began at the Preface, and read the first sentence, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." At once I remembered that I did have some blessings, and many things to be grateful for. From that time my condition improved, but soon I began to wonder if Christian Science really had helped me much, or if I would have felt better anyway. However, one evening I had a very convincing proof that Christian Science does heal, and quickly too. I had been busy all day during a housecleaning period, and early i the evening collapsed suddenly and had to go to bed. For a couple of hours the pain was very severe; then my husband telephoned the practitioner, and she at once began treatment. In a very few minutes I was lying quietly on the pillow, and in less than half an hour was asleep, waking but once during the night. This was certainly a proof that the "word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword," and such a blessed relief from former experiences under similar conditions, with a long night spent in suffering and in trying the different remedies we believed to be beneficial.

Testimony of Healing
Last winter I was taken ill, and had to leave my work...
June 12, 1909

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