Christian Science has been of great help to me

Christian Science has been of great help to me. From being in a weakened, suffering condition, I have gained in health and strength, and the world is beautiful to me again. I had a bad internal trouble, which caused me as well as my friends much worry and fear as to final results. I had two operations at intervals, and at the time of which I am writing, in May, 1907, I was as ill as ever. Our doctor had warned me that I would have to undergo another operation, but my sister-in-law, who is a Christian Scientist, told me something of the cures that are being accomplished through this healing truth, of the great good that is being done, and I, fearing and dreading the seemingly inevitable operation if I continued under the doctor's care, bought a copy of the text-book and began its study. Soon after this my sister wrote a practitioner, who lives hundreds of miles away, for assistance; and in two weeks from this time the trouble left me.

The following January I visited in Chicago for a time, and while there I attended a Christian Science Wednesday evening service with a friend and heard testimonies of healing. One evening we were obliged to wait a long time on the street for a car, and as the night was cold I got badly chilled. There was a pain in my chest and a feeling of illness, but remembering my former experience in Christian Science I repeated the scientific statement of being (Science and Health, p. 468) almost the night through, and was able to return to my home the next day, which was on Thursday. I, however, grew worse after reaching home, and wanted Christian Science treatment; but my husband objected to this and insisted on getting a doctor. This was Tuesday and my condition was very bad. The physician came, and said it was a serious case of lung trouble, and that it would be necessary for me to remain in bed for several weeks. Wednesday he came again and said the fever was very high. My husband was obliged to go away the following day, and it seemed the hand of God was in it, for the sister with the knowledge of Christian Science came to take care of me. When my husband had gone I took off the cotton head covering, and the fever left me almost immediately. My faith in God and in Christian Science never wavered, although at this time the symptoms were very alarming. My sister-in-law read Science and Health to me, and soon I wanted something to eat—I had not eaten anything for several days. That night I slept quite well, and was much better next morning. I sat up an hour that day, and the next I was up all day. We read and talked about Christian Science a great deal in the three days in which the healing process was going on, and I did my work from that time on.

Testimony of Healing
For about fifteen years I had suffered from rheumatic...
June 12, 1909

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