I desire to give this testimonial, as I feel sure it will...

I desire to give this testimonial, as I feel sure it will comfort some anxious parent. A short time ago our little seven-year-old boy suddenly complained of severe pain in his left leg. I examined him, and found to my great astonishment that this leg was noticeably shorter than the other, also that it was very crooked. I talked to him and gave him a treatment in Christian Science, and he was soon asleep. The next morning the pain was gone, also the fear and distress which he had manifested the evening before. He, however, limped very badly and presented such a crippled appearance that several members of the family insisted upon my taking him to a specialist. I did so, and explained first of all that we were Christian Scientists and therefore did not wish any medical treatment whatever; but that the family were desirous of knowing just what the trouble was, so I had brought the child for an examination.

The diagnosis gave a very serious outlook, the hip-joint being pronounced immovable, etc. The doctor said that this disease crept on very slowly, and was months in developing, but the crisis came suddenly from over-exertion or a fall. He took no trouble to conceal his astonishment and disgust at the stand I had taken, and tried to frighten me if possible. He said that I must remember it was my own flesh and blood I was dealing with, that I must bring the child again in a week, and he hoped I would then listen to him and have the boy put into a plaster cast. For the present he desired me to use certain material means, and keep the child lying in bed. I replied that the first two things I should not do, but as the child was naturally very active I would keep him quiet for a few days.

Testimony of Healing
In asking for Christian Science treatment I did not...
June 12, 1909

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